Media Menu is a Swedish-Estonian online and mobile advertising and marketing material production agency. We offer the highest creative and technical quality for advertising and marketing solutions such as flash and gif banners, landing pages and micro sites. We also design and produce websites, using for example WordPress and Joomla. Outsourcing of Internet-related projects doesn’t have to be complicated – Media Menu is here to help you! We very strongly believe that the key to our success is our client’s success and we do all we can to understand your needs and interpret them into advertising and marketing solutions that give you success with your client.

Information for new advertiser

If you are new to Internet advertising it is easy to get confused by words such as clicktag, frames per second, ActionScript, MPU and what have you. Worry no more, Media Menu will help you! We are experts in assisting new advertisers not only in making the actual banners, but also in coordinating with the publishers where your banners will be displayed.

What we need in order to start a project is:

1) Banners sizes. If you are not sure what sizes you need, then maybe you know where they will be published and we can probably assist in finding out what sizes you need.
2) Do you need html5 or gif banners, animated or static? Html5 banners usually look nicer but are a bit more expensive to make and can be more expensive to publish, sometimes gif banners are enough.
3) For html5 banners we need to technical specifications from the publisher. If you know where your banners will be published we can usually assist in finding out this information.
4) What are the maximum kilobytes for the banners. The higher the kilobyte the better image quality, the cooler animations etc. The problem is that almost all publishers have restrictions on how many kilobytes banners can be made.This is due to the fact that the more “heavy” material a publisher has on his site the slower it will be to download for users. The trick, in which we are experts, is to come up with the best solution taking the kilobyte limits into consideration. If you know where your banners will be published we can probably assist in finding out this information.
5) What text should be used. The usual problem is that clients include too much text. But no one has time to read a lot of text in a banner, keep it short and to the point please. Of course we can help you with copy too, but we do need some ideas from you.
6) Company logo. We can usually just “copy” it from your website if you don’t have a high resolution logo easily available, but if your logo should be large in the material we probably need a high resolution version of it.
7) Any special images you would like to use, please send them. Otherwise we can purchase suitable images from image banks on the web; copyright costs are included in our price. Or sometimes you have good pictures on your own homepage that we can use.

Partnership deals

We have three main pricing models. The first pricing model is price per project. The client sends us a request for a quote and based on this we estimate how many hours work the project will require. We then offer a fixed price based on that estimation. Possibly extra hours will not be charged that’s our risk, unless the client makes big changes to the scope of the project in which case we must discuss the price again (but this is very unusual). The hourly fee is 50 EUR.

The second pricing model is package pricing based on standard orders. One typical example is a banner package of 10 html5 banners, which would cost 600 EUR. In this instance we will first do three banners drafts in somewhat different style made by three different designers. After the client has chosen one of the drafts, possibly with some edits, we convert it to html5 and make the other banner formats.

The third pricing model is for larger clients in need of a stable and reliable production volume. The client will pay a fixed monthly fee for X resources at his disposal. This pricing model is then divided into two subcategories; earmarked employee or available (and suitable) employee. If we hire an employee specifically to work for a certain client that client is involved already starting from the recruitment process. The fee will then be salary cost + overhead cost + small profit for Media Menu. A contract based on the use of any employee available has the advantage for the client that the client doesn’t have to worry about vacation, illness, maternity leave etc. The resource is guaranteed by us.


Media Menu offers logo design and corporate identity projects for all kinds of businesses. We will establish a distinctive and meaningful identity for your company. Other examples of corporate identity projects, in addition to logo design, include stationery design, business card design, graphic design, website design and design of power point presentations. Whatever your design need is, we can assist. Multiple designers initially work on your project, giving you more variety of choices.

Your logo is a visual representation of everything your company stands for. A good logo design should communicate something about the nature of your business, product or service. So if this vital component is out of step with your message and customers, it’s time to bring it up-to-date.

You are welcome to ask us about any design needs you might have for marketing material, we have a lot off talent and experience.


Media Menu produces top of the line websites, landing pages and micro sites. We specialize in web design standards-based HTML, CSS and JavaScript, along with WordPress CMS. Each site our team builds is using the latest development principles and techniques.

Native apps for mobile devices

We make native marketing/information apps for iOS, Android and all the other major operation systems. Apps are a very popular marketing tool as they can convey lots of complex information and because they get the customers involved. Got any exciting app ideas? Let us know and we’ll be thrilled to start working on them.


We can produce different kind of video materials. Starting from advertising or educational videos for the internet ending with TV spots with all needed specifications. We can also render videos from flash animations. Videos are steadily increasing in popularity, they are everywhere on the internet these days because of their dynamics and ability to convey more complex messages. Making a video can as a matter of fact be easy.

Other services

We can program different functionalities in flash ActionScript, javascript, html and more. Databases are developed to collect and store valuable information in a structured way. Media Menu is both able to develop simple databases connected to your website as well as connecting interactive flash banners to an existing database.

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