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About us

We’re inspired because we believe in what we are doing and where we’re going. We don’t take “that’ll never work” for an answer.

Mission Statement

Total dedication to satisfying our clients’ needs. We don’t stop until the client is satisfied.

Media Menu is always on the lookout for how to become more efficient in satisfying our clients’ needs. We strive to set and exceed our own high standards for getting more done for our clients. Passion for our business and our culture. We’re inspired because we believe in what we are doing and where we’re going. We don’t take “that’ll never work” for an answer. A lot of people told us that producing up to date online advertising material in an ex-communist country for clients in the USA and Western Europe would never work; imagine if we had listened to them!

Complete accountability and reliability. We believe in fixed prices and we believe in never sending an invoice until after the job is done and approved.


Media Menu was formed in 2002 by Scandinavian investors. The company was originally started to do development work and programming assignments for one particular client, a global online betting and poker site. A small team consisting of a system analyst, java programmers and web designers were hired for this assignment. However quite soon thereafter word started to spread and we got the possibility to do outsourcing work also for other clients.

Already in 2003 we had the first contact with Advertising.com, today AOL Advertising, which has been our most important client ever since. Media Menu at an increasing rate became an assembly line supplier of online advertising material for, initially and primarily, AOL Advertising, and later on for many other global players such as Specific Media and Spotify.

As Media Menu more and more started to do online advertising material our web designers came into focus and our more advanced programming assignments became less frequent. In order not to lose these large project clients we have more often started to use subcontractors for programming tasks while for the same projects trying to keep project management and design tasks internally.

As the World Wide Web has moved into people’s mobile phones we have followed suit. A fair size of our banner production is now for use as advertising material visible in mobile phones when users are surfing the net. So far this production has mainly been for the US market, but we expect Europe to pick up heavy in the coming years.

Today we have 11 experienced employees and a strong balance sheet based on healthy profit levels that have been sustained even during the global financial crisis. We are completely focused on outsourcing; almost 100% of our clients are located outside of Estonia.

Why choose Media Menu

Our Scandinavian project leaders are working in our Tallinn office together with our experienced Estonian web designers. Clients in USA, UK, Norway, Denmark and Sweden can send us instructions in their native languages.

We always do three different design drafts, by three different web designers, for the client to choose from. Design taste varies from person to person, client to client, and with three different styles almost everyone finds at least one to be of their liking.

Lower costs mean higher flexibility as we have stand by capacity. We can usually take on super urgent projects with very tight deadlines.

We always offer fixed prices to clients who prefer that, in other words we offer prices without any unpleasant surprises.

Only pay after the job is approved. Quality guaranteed, if you are not satisfied you don’t have to pay.

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